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Author: Ivanka Reyes


Building customer loyalty is a critical aspect of any business's long-term success. Repeat sales not only contribute to revenue growth but also foster customer trust and advocacy. In this blog post, we delve into the article...

Author: Irina t.

Bitrix24 for the coaches and nutritionists

In today's fast-paced world, staying organized and efficient is crucial for professionals in any field. This is especially true for sport coaches and nutritionists who work tirelessly to help their clients achieve their health and fitness goals.

Author: Michalina lasak

Bitrix24 for the Healthcare Industry

Bitrix24 is a comprehensive collaboration platform that offers businesses a wide range of features, from CRM and project management to communication tools and social intranet. Bitrix24 is particularly useful for medical practices ...

Author: Michalina lasak

The latest Bitrix24 news!

Bitrix Partners can help you create and manage your Bitrix24 which isn't provided by Bitrix24 directly.
As a Bitrix24 Partner, we can help you select the optimal Bitrix24 subscription plan, and ...

Author: Michalina lasak

LEVEL UP IN ASANA - Our New Partner

Using Asana to its fullest can be a powerful boost to your team and efficiency if you know how to use the tool. You’ve got some world-class software on your hands, but where do you start?

Author: Michalina lasak

CRM in the healthcare industry

It is the goal of all healthcare providers to deliver care of the highest quality to patients and consumers alike. Part of delivering high-quality healthcare lies in establishing reliable ...

Author: Irina Valyanova 

the Perils of Online Collaboration 

We’ve all been there. Every time you and several other people have to work on a document together, you end up sending attachments back and forth,...

Author: Bitrix24

GDPR is Forcing Email Marketers to Evolve 

Email marketing is dead. Or so many marketers have heard over the years. Yet email actually remains among the most effective marketing me...

Author: Bitrix24


Bitrix24 helps you plan and execute your projects on time every time. Available online and on-premise with open source code access.

Author: Michalina Lasak

INTRODUCING: New Bitrix24 plans

If you are a Bitrix24 user with an active paid subscription that was purchased before August 1, 2021, these changes will not affect you in any way.

Author: Joseph Chukwube


Customer Relationship Management is a system used to improve the relationship with customers by collecting and organizing relevant data. Over time, CRM systems ...

Author: Michalina Lasak


A brand-new approach to using CRM!
The concept of Proactive CRM means that our system reminds your sales agents of scheduled and unfinished activities in CRM, prompting them..

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