Telephony System with IVR vs. Conversational IVR Integrated with Bitrix24

In today's fast-paced business landscape, effective communication and customer engagement are paramount. For businesses striving to enhance their customer support, streamline processes, and improve overall user experience, choosing the right Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solution is crucial. In this blog post, we'll explore the benefits of having a telephony system with an IVR compared to a cutting-edge conversational IVR that seamlessly integrates with Bitrix24.

Traditional Telephony System with IVR

A traditional IVR system offers a structured menu of options for callers to choose from using their phone's keypad. For instance, a customer support company could have options like "Press 1 for Technical Support, Press 2 for Billing Inquiries," and so on. While this system has served businesses well over the years, it often leads to frustration among customers due to its limited capabilities and the need to navigate through a menu.

Benefits of Traditional Telephony Systems with IVR

basic automation

Routing calls based on keypad inputs can save time and reduce the need for manual call transfers.

cost efficiency

Traditional IVR systems are generally more affordable to implement compared to advanced solutions.


Many callers are accustomed to interacting with IVRs, making it a recognizable option.

Benefits of Traditional Telephony Systems with IVR

limited engagement

The system might not fully understand nuanced requests, leading to customer dissatisfaction.


Setting up and modifying the IVR menu can be cumbersome, requiring technical expertise.

Conversational IVR Integrated with Bitrix24

Conversational IVR, on the other hand, brings a modern twist to customer interactions. When integrated with a powerful CRM like Bitrix24, businesses can elevate their customer engagement to new heights. Conversational IVR utilizes natural language processing (NLP) and speech recognition to understand and respond to customers' spoken inquiries, just like a human conversation.

Benefits of Traditional Telephony Systems with IVR

Enhanced Customer Experience

Customers can speak naturally and get personalized assistance, resulting in higher satisfaction.

Seamless Integration

Bitrix24 integration allows for automatic capture and storage of customer interactions, enabling teams to have a complete view of customer history.


Calls can be directed accurately, reducing wait times and the need for multiple transfers.

Analytics and Insights

Conversational IVR provides valuable data on customer preferences, pain points, and frequently asked questions.


customer support company

Imagine a software company's support line. With a conversational IVR integrated with Bitrix24, customers can say, "I'm having trouble with my account," and the system can identify the customer, access their history, and connect them with the right representative. This streamlined process ensures faster issue resolution and happier customers.

health care industry 

A healthcare provider's office could benefit from this technology. Patients could call to schedule appointments, ask about prescriptions, or get medical advice. A conversational IVR would understand requests like, "I need to schedule a check-up," and not only book the appointment but also send a confirmation to the patient via Bitrix24.

retail industry

In a retail scenario, a customer might call to inquire about product availability. A conversational IVR could interpret, "Do you have the latest smartphone in stock?" and provide real-time information, while also informing the store manager through Bitrix24 to manage inventory efficiently.

In conclusion, while traditional IVR systems have their merits, the integration of a conversational IVR with Bitrix24 propels businesses into a new era of customer interaction. The ability to understand and respond naturally to customer inquiries, coupled with seamless data integration, transforms customer support, healthcare services, and retail experiences. Upgrade your communication strategy to stay ahead in a world driven by exceptional customer engagement.

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